Diversion Services

Addresses three critical areas primarily presenting in challenged students: Attendance (truancy), Behavior (disciplinary, referrals, bullying, fights, class disruptions, etc), and School Disengagement

Our wraparound approach provides a continuum of services for schools and students that is modeled upon a paradigm of nationally recognized evidence and research-based programs proven to have achieved dramatic results in improving attendance, grade point averages, and behavior in our schools.

Diversion Programs Include:

All our Diversion Services are modeled on OJJDP research and evidenced-based programs. Please contact for more information on our Diversion Services and how to bring them to your school/community at (315) 733-SSMV (7768) or info@ssmv.org.

Intervention Strategies

These support services are modeled on research and evidence-based programs and include:

  • Bully Prevention – school-wide awareness and education and target small group activities.

  • Check In Check Out – short-term monitoring program to address specific behavior issues in school by redirecting, reminding, and reinforcing positive behavior from our staff.

  • Crisis Intervention Support – provides de-escalation techniques that are used at various stages during a crisis including behavior management and physical safety interventions.
  • Family Conflict Resolution – using the same principals of mediation, we work with the whole family (if appropriate) typically as a one-time intervention with one or two follow up contacts with the family.
  • Grief and Loss Support– trained staff act as a supportive listener and help students/families/staff use their voice to heal in healthy and/or creative ways and share memories and feelings in a comforting environment.
  • Mediation – designed to divert youth from escalating volatile situations that have the potential to result in suspension, expulsion, or a criminal act.
  • Mentoring – social skills, coping strategies, positive self-esteem, resiliency, and how to self-regulate in stressful situations to build positive and supportive relationships and address minor concerns that could lead to more serious consequences.

  • Resiliency Skills – evidence- and research-based models to create topics and activities focused on improving and obtaining social skills through shared discussion, games, role-playing, journal writing and recreational activities.

  • Reset! – works with students who have difficulty implementing social skills and act out inappropriately to negative feelings.

Urban Leadership Institute (ULI)

ULI is a free 5-day conference for accepted high school students designed to empower the next generation of leaders. ULI works on key leadership traits like communication, decision making, and teamwork, as well service-learning projects. At ULI, youth:

  • Develop valuable leadership and team building skills
  • Experience hands on activities
  • Build their resume for college and career
  • Learn how to get involved in their community
  • Gain a new perspective on the effect they can have on the world


With over 60 years of training experience, we are certified in a variety of disciplines using adult learning theory in highly interactive trainings for participant in multiple sectors.

Training Programs Include:

  • Bullying Awareness, Prevention, and Intervention Techniques
  • Team Building Workshops
  • Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Creating Successful and Impactful Community Partnerships
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Peer Mediation
  • After School Program Development
  • Creating and Sustaining Successful Outcome-based Programs and Services
  • Effective Youth Diversion Services

School Staff Specific Training Programs Include:

  • Incident Command Systems (ICS) 100 & 200 – for Professionals: Schools and Private Agencies
  • School Resource Officer Training, Facilitating and Implementation
  • Crisis Management
  • De-escalation Techniques based on TCI (Therapeutic Crisis Interventions)
  • Restorative Justice Practices
  • Alternatives to Suspension
  • Restorative Circles

For more information on how to customize these trainings to meet your needs or develop a specific training please contact us.